Thursday, February 24, 2011

USA train infrastructure.

Short rant;

I think it's long over due that we implement a better rail system in the USA. Not only would it be better for the environment, but it'd make my life easier and really thats all I care about tbh. You may so oh the money, it'll cost way too much. Well the govt already wastes enough money, why not spend on good for 1 and cuts to major wasting areas would more than make up for it. The time is here the time is now. BRING ON THE MOTHERFUCKER EPIC TRAIN SYSTEM  

Floating Kitties to you DOOOOMMMM

Random thoughT: I ended up watching all 18 episodes of 30 days in like 3 days. I you don't know what that is which most don't seem to, it's like the documentary Super Size Me. But on different subject matter

Monday, February 21, 2011

End of ads

Welp my friends and supporters I guess you won't be able to help me on my way to a new computer after all. Apparently I've been deemed an at risk account or some bullshit. Eh doesn't matter anyways I was never in it for the money, I'll continue with blogs. cheers.

Cool, 10 countries have visited my blog now

As of 3:41 am here's how the pageview is broken country by country

1) USA - 90

2) Canada- 32

3) Finland- 29

4) Italy - 15

5) China -9

6) UK- 9

7) Thailand - 6

8) Australia- 4

9) India - 4

10) Malaysia - 3

Pretty cool that 10 already visited, will be interesting to see when/if other bigger countries send a viewer my way :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 funny gifs and some random thougts

Starting this blog off with 2 funny gifs I just came across on Neogaf. The first just really shows how dumb the common criminal is. The lucky bastard is lucky he didn't get burned haha. I wonder what the context is, probably just 2 stupid teens out looking to cause trouble. The 2nd gif now is funny. I get guy that ran into punching it I've the same thing but what gets me is he goes off on it and then the other 2 join in haha. 

Other thoughts, I did in fact finish Fresh Prince today, I'm not sure what show i'll do a nostalgia run on next I'm considering The Drew Carey Show. Some of you may know that I'm getting a tattoo here soon, I think I've decided what I want now. Either a skull or python with bloody fangs or a combo of both. I think a combo of both would be cooler. Also ffff at the Pitt/St.Johns game yesterday goddamn what a crazy finish but it's sad it had to end the way it did :/

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ugh crappy computer

Well some of you may know my computer is a POS. spec wise, the ability to keep cool wise. Well i think it's finally on it's last days. It's been randomly shutting off a lot lately. I think it's time to start thinking of measure on buying something new or at least some other way to connect to the web as I'm an addict of the internet haha. Maybe i'll randomly get lucky and have my blog make me enough money to pay for at least a cheap desktop. Although I doubt it as I've made 17 bucks in a week, which surpasses my expectations by a country mile but won't get me anywhere close to a new computer any time soon.

Other thoughts, Go Pittsburgh today @ St. Johns. Also today I'll end up finishing the Fresh Prince which today me about a week or little more to watch all 148 episodes haha. Also as you mostly likely knew, Ashley grew up to be really hot.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Zealand you so strange

At the Hokitika Wildfoods festival this year you will be able to pay 10 dollars a shot.. a shot of what you may ask. It comes in 3 flavors, cherry, licorice and banoffee pie flavor. You're thinking well this may be interesting do tell us what this treat may be. Well you're right on the interesting part but  it's not in a good way. 10 for a shot of flavored horse jizz. If you just gave a

Yeah I dunno about the rest of whoever comes across this blog, but I for one will pass on this. Now if they were to pay me instead, I may settle for a sum of cash money to do such. Here is the provider of said shots btw, that'd be funny if they were fresh HAW

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Double Digit blogs now!

Well just got done watching Citizen Kane and Predators. Citizen Kane was damn good and I see why this is a highly praised movie. Predators however was average, please let the franchise die Hollywood? As to continue talking about movies, Icheckmovies need to update my top 20 recommended and make it more interesting. It seems to pick heavily off the top box office performances. I want more but I guess this is too much too expect. My current top 20 consists of the 3 Mission Impossibles, Baby, Tomorrow Never Dies , Eyes Wide Shut, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , Hercules, The World if Not Enough, Addam Family Values, Garden State, The Bodyguard, The Chronicles of Narnia, Scream 1 and 2 , Entrapment, Stargate , Mad Max and Madagascar 2 . Decent selection I suppose but I want them to take from all kinds of top lists!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Entry

Ahh yes, tis a blame title but I don't care lol. I'm just trying to keep myself up so I can watch the Pittsburgh/South Florida game at 7 pm. Go Pitt!. I watched 2 movies today, Winters Bone and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Winters Bone is wonderfully shot movie with an enjoyable plot. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an excellent animation movie through and through. I mean how the cuss did they create such a fun movie!HOW?! :p. If you seen this movie you will understand that reference. Other thoughts The Distillers lead singer is fine(tks Lemons for introducing me to the band :) )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Rant about NFL

First of all I would like to say GO STEELERS!

Onto my rant about the retardation about this whole thing. 18 game season = stupid as hell, pretty much no one wants it I dunno what crackpot Goodell gets his information from, I personally don't want it because of single season records. The owners are twats, woe is me im going broke and want another billion off the top. If you didn't know how the 9 or so billion revenue is split up. the owners take 1 billion off the top and then they split it up between players and owners. I can't remember the exact figure but if the players give the owners another billion then split they would become the lowest pct of any professional sports union. The owners need to show the books, they won't cause they're greedy bastards and the sky is falling most likely isn't as dire. The rookie cap is must but I wonder how the language is finally going to be settled. With the NFL filing a complaint with NLRB( National Labor Relations Board) this whole mess most likely got uglier. Fuck both the players and NFL if this shit effects regular season start though. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

FU Sickness and some other stuff

Okay this sucks, not only is it an overrated day but I also seem to be coming down with something as my throat is now hurting. uggg. Luckily I have some won-ton soup to heat up in a bit, so perhaps that will help. On a side note related to movies I thought it would a neat adventure to try and watch 1500 movies I haven't seen  in 2011 and you're probably thinking goddamn dude thats insane and I have to agree yes it is. sports/tv shows have taken up a significant portion. I'm currently at 47 through, and that doesn't take a math major to tell you im far behind haha. I think over the course of the summer it'll pick up as the only sport i'll have is the Pittsburgh Pirates and there usually out of contention by late June.

One show that I recently have been watching a lot again is Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, I only meant to watch a few episodes a few weeks ago cure my boredom one night about week ago but now im already up to season 4. The show is just loads of laughs, it was a cornerstone to my childhood. I watched episodes every morning before school. If I haven't seen all the episodes I would be shocked tbh.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day= you are fucking overrated. A holiday full of corporate greed and woman that think the only way they can be shown love is they showered with roses/candies and a fine dinner. I'll give you a 8/10 haw-o-meter and 10/10 on the bitch please scale. My forever alone streak reaches another VD day and although this sucks on massive scale, I can't help but be glad not to hassled on trying to appease to an opposite. I hope for the all good of anything that my future gfs/wife(s) or however my life relationships work feel the same as I do and will be fine with something small like a few roses/car and possibly a run of the mill dine in restaurant 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

First thought is the first matches of the Strikeforce heavyweight tourney was on last night.
Well as you can see Antonio Silva put a whooping on Fedor, for a guy that awesome to brutally beaten that made me go @_@ and goddamn and fucking wow. Antontio Silva just got in full mount and landed bombs you can by Fedor's closed eye. Fedor lasting the entire 2nd was a miracle in it's self tbh

Second thought America and the morons that live here. Please pack up and gtfo, specially the people that helped the Justin Bieber movie reach #1 on Friday with 12.1 million box office. Some will say well it's simply isn't for you and that I agree but guess what folks be 5 or 12 or 23 bad taste is bad taste no way getting around it, simple facts! 

Now onto a more morbid thought thats has me thinking. Recently a Neogaf member was found dead(RIP) and it made wonder that I know about this one but what about the others that have died and I just assume they stopped visiting that particular forum. What if I had died, would people find out? would they care? All interesting questions to ponder. I know that i'm not the most easiest person to get a long with and can treat people badly, but still makes me wonder. On a side note the news article said he suffered from depression, I have suffered mild bouts of it and I must say if you are try and find someone to talk too. I relied on a pretty good person for the longest time and she helped me a lot. Pretty sad on my end she did nothing but help and in the end I ended up being the biggest dick to her.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Entry

Some may have noticed.. well at least I hope you noticed, If not you may be Ray Charles. That the format of the Tarantino ranking is shit. Well I apologize and if i wasn't so lazy i'd redo it lol. The thing is I have no idea why it did it that way when I published. When I was doing it up it looked nothing like that and looked fine enough that. So if anyone that also uses this site could explain that'd very appreciated.

Sidenote: Let's go Pitt. Beat Nova' FUCK Nova'!

My ranking of Quentin Tarantino directed movies

Quentin Tarantino quite possibly may be my most like director out there, I've seen all but one of his directed movies and that only that I have missed is his debut movie on 16mm which isn't even whole now due to the fire that destroyed a decent portion of the film reel.

1) Pulp Fiction

This movie I consider my most favorite film of all time. The way Tarantino mixed multiple sub-stories was just a epic ride of awesome.

RT score: 94%

2) Inglorious Basterds

An altered take on World War 2, dialogue and soundtrack were off the charts. Some have complaints with Brad Pitt being casted and saying his acting was atrocious. I had no problems with either.

RT: 88%


Very entertaining end to revenge of Bill trying to off her.

RT: 85%
I laugh at the people that whined about not enough action and too much diologue, silly people. He builds plot through it and makes it an entertaining ride along the way. Hot chicks+ Tarrantino directed+ awesome cars= what else do you want?

RT: 64%


 Movie that put Tarrantino on the map, it's funny this movie was shot almost all in one building.

RT: 96%


 The battle scene with O-Ren Ishi(Lucy Liu) was awesome!

RT: 85%


Entertaining end to the a very nice plot

RT: 86%


This movie is very weird to me, whoever thought it was a good idea to cut the movie into
4 sections and have a different director do each is beyond madness to me, thankfully
Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez are talented. You could clearly see which ones they did 
and how much more talent they had/have than Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell

RT: 14%

Well hear is my ranking as of now as I wait for QT next film which I will most likely like as well. 
Pretty funny how I consider pretty much all the movies good. Four Rooms is the exception, 
pretty average but that is only because half the film sucked really bad. In closing if you
were hoping long indepth reviews now or any time in the future you can suck it cause that's not my style.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I still haven't went to sleep lol! mtn dew consumption has pretty much helped me forget sleep as an option at this point. Although I'll probably crash in a few hours lol. But onto Ramen, goddamn you sodium bomb of unhealthiness but I love it all the same. There is so many recipes for ramen related goodness that I really should try them. All I really ever tried was dropping an egg or two in when the noodles are just about done, which btw is really good. All you do wait till it nearly done then drain most of the liquid and then drop the egg(s) in and wait till finished. If you have a delicious Ramen recipe you should totally drop a line.

On  a side note I am about to watch The Faculty for the first time in awhile , If you haven't watched this movie you probably should. Or at the very least good Laura Harris and see her boobs haha.

1st blog

Tis 3:06 am this lovely morning as I step my foot into this blogs history books. Where this leads I shall find out, I'm not even sure how often I plan of using this blog tbh. The reason I started this blog is pass the time during the the night when time seems to halt.. When all the people I talk too have vanished into the night, when you're caffeinated to the max...and the clock seems to slow more and more and even more if you even dare to look at it. Yeah you know what I'm talking about. This blog will be my random thoughts pored into the internet channels,  and when I mean random I really do and you'll notice how my blog post will all over the place and grammar will likely be a option that I miss, so if you're a grammar nazi save yourself the time and just leave haha.

A little background on myself, I'm currently 22 year old male living in the USA for now that is, Although in the future I may not. I currently am in between jobs which leads to a lot of spare time for my passion of  movies and tv shows/series. Several blog entries will likely be dedicated to what I have watched recently. I have no particular favorite genre as I like movies from all genres as you can see from my criticker account. I really don't know what I want from life or what I truly need. When it's all said and done and i'm about to clock out it'll be interesting to see what I've done, who I've visited and what impact I made on others.