Monday, February 14, 2011

FU Sickness and some other stuff

Okay this sucks, not only is it an overrated day but I also seem to be coming down with something as my throat is now hurting. uggg. Luckily I have some won-ton soup to heat up in a bit, so perhaps that will help. On a side note related to movies I thought it would a neat adventure to try and watch 1500 movies I haven't seen  in 2011 and you're probably thinking goddamn dude thats insane and I have to agree yes it is. sports/tv shows have taken up a significant portion. I'm currently at 47 through, and that doesn't take a math major to tell you im far behind haha. I think over the course of the summer it'll pick up as the only sport i'll have is the Pittsburgh Pirates and there usually out of contention by late June.

One show that I recently have been watching a lot again is Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, I only meant to watch a few episodes a few weeks ago cure my boredom one night about week ago but now im already up to season 4. The show is just loads of laughs, it was a cornerstone to my childhood. I watched episodes every morning before school. If I haven't seen all the episodes I would be shocked tbh.

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