Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 funny gifs and some random thougts

Starting this blog off with 2 funny gifs I just came across on Neogaf. The first just really shows how dumb the common criminal is. The lucky bastard is lucky he didn't get burned haha. I wonder what the context is, probably just 2 stupid teens out looking to cause trouble. The 2nd gif now is funny. I get guy that ran into punching it I've the same thing but what gets me is he goes off on it and then the other 2 join in haha. 

Other thoughts, I did in fact finish Fresh Prince today, I'm not sure what show i'll do a nostalgia run on next I'm considering The Drew Carey Show. Some of you may know that I'm getting a tattoo here soon, I think I've decided what I want now. Either a skull or python with bloody fangs or a combo of both. I think a combo of both would be cooler. Also ffff at the Pitt/St.Johns game yesterday goddamn what a crazy finish but it's sad it had to end the way it did :/

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