Saturday, February 12, 2011

My ranking of Quentin Tarantino directed movies

Quentin Tarantino quite possibly may be my most like director out there, I've seen all but one of his directed movies and that only that I have missed is his debut movie on 16mm which isn't even whole now due to the fire that destroyed a decent portion of the film reel.

1) Pulp Fiction

This movie I consider my most favorite film of all time. The way Tarantino mixed multiple sub-stories was just a epic ride of awesome.

RT score: 94%

2) Inglorious Basterds

An altered take on World War 2, dialogue and soundtrack were off the charts. Some have complaints with Brad Pitt being casted and saying his acting was atrocious. I had no problems with either.

RT: 88%


Very entertaining end to revenge of Bill trying to off her.

RT: 85%
I laugh at the people that whined about not enough action and too much diologue, silly people. He builds plot through it and makes it an entertaining ride along the way. Hot chicks+ Tarrantino directed+ awesome cars= what else do you want?

RT: 64%


 Movie that put Tarrantino on the map, it's funny this movie was shot almost all in one building.

RT: 96%


 The battle scene with O-Ren Ishi(Lucy Liu) was awesome!

RT: 85%


Entertaining end to the a very nice plot

RT: 86%


This movie is very weird to me, whoever thought it was a good idea to cut the movie into
4 sections and have a different director do each is beyond madness to me, thankfully
Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez are talented. You could clearly see which ones they did 
and how much more talent they had/have than Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell

RT: 14%

Well hear is my ranking as of now as I wait for QT next film which I will most likely like as well. 
Pretty funny how I consider pretty much all the movies good. Four Rooms is the exception, 
pretty average but that is only because half the film sucked really bad. In closing if you
were hoping long indepth reviews now or any time in the future you can suck it cause that's not my style.

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