Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

First thought is the first matches of the Strikeforce heavyweight tourney was on last night.
Well as you can see Antonio Silva put a whooping on Fedor, for a guy that awesome to brutally beaten that made me go @_@ and goddamn and fucking wow. Antontio Silva just got in full mount and landed bombs you can by Fedor's closed eye. Fedor lasting the entire 2nd was a miracle in it's self tbh

Second thought America and the morons that live here. Please pack up and gtfo, specially the people that helped the Justin Bieber movie reach #1 on Friday with 12.1 million box office. Some will say well it's simply isn't for you and that I agree but guess what folks be 5 or 12 or 23 bad taste is bad taste no way getting around it, simple facts! 

Now onto a more morbid thought thats has me thinking. Recently a Neogaf member was found dead(RIP) and it made wonder that I know about this one but what about the others that have died and I just assume they stopped visiting that particular forum. What if I had died, would people find out? would they care? All interesting questions to ponder. I know that i'm not the most easiest person to get a long with and can treat people badly, but still makes me wonder. On a side note the news article said he suffered from depression, I have suffered mild bouts of it and I must say if you are try and find someone to talk too. I relied on a pretty good person for the longest time and she helped me a lot. Pretty sad on my end she did nothing but help and in the end I ended up being the biggest dick to her.

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