Friday, February 11, 2011


I still haven't went to sleep lol! mtn dew consumption has pretty much helped me forget sleep as an option at this point. Although I'll probably crash in a few hours lol. But onto Ramen, goddamn you sodium bomb of unhealthiness but I love it all the same. There is so many recipes for ramen related goodness that I really should try them. All I really ever tried was dropping an egg or two in when the noodles are just about done, which btw is really good. All you do wait till it nearly done then drain most of the liquid and then drop the egg(s) in and wait till finished. If you have a delicious Ramen recipe you should totally drop a line.

On  a side note I am about to watch The Faculty for the first time in awhile , If you haven't watched this movie you probably should. Or at the very least good Laura Harris and see her boobs haha.

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