Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Rant about NFL

First of all I would like to say GO STEELERS!

Onto my rant about the retardation about this whole thing. 18 game season = stupid as hell, pretty much no one wants it I dunno what crackpot Goodell gets his information from, I personally don't want it because of single season records. The owners are twats, woe is me im going broke and want another billion off the top. If you didn't know how the 9 or so billion revenue is split up. the owners take 1 billion off the top and then they split it up between players and owners. I can't remember the exact figure but if the players give the owners another billion then split they would become the lowest pct of any professional sports union. The owners need to show the books, they won't cause they're greedy bastards and the sky is falling most likely isn't as dire. The rookie cap is must but I wonder how the language is finally going to be settled. With the NFL filing a complaint with NLRB( National Labor Relations Board) this whole mess most likely got uglier. Fuck both the players and NFL if this shit effects regular season start though. 

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  1. tv sucks. some tv shows are ok.
    sports on tv fuckin sucks.