Saturday, February 19, 2011

ugh crappy computer

Well some of you may know my computer is a POS. spec wise, the ability to keep cool wise. Well i think it's finally on it's last days. It's been randomly shutting off a lot lately. I think it's time to start thinking of measure on buying something new or at least some other way to connect to the web as I'm an addict of the internet haha. Maybe i'll randomly get lucky and have my blog make me enough money to pay for at least a cheap desktop. Although I doubt it as I've made 17 bucks in a week, which surpasses my expectations by a country mile but won't get me anywhere close to a new computer any time soon.

Other thoughts, Go Pittsburgh today @ St. Johns. Also today I'll end up finishing the Fresh Prince which today me about a week or little more to watch all 148 episodes haha. Also as you mostly likely knew, Ashley grew up to be really hot.


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  2. I don't remember anything about fresh prince except for the fresh prince.

    It was the 90's, I was 2, I was sooo baekd.